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Why Does Everyone Need an Originality Checker Today?

Whether you are a professional writer or a student you will be highly aware that the originality of your writing is vital. Many use an originality tester on all their work due to the potential penalties that they could face should they submit writing that is less than totally original. Professionals could be sued for damages as well as losing their reputation and jobs. Students could easily be expelled from their studies if the case against them is serious enough.

The problem now is that it is all too easy to accidentally copy something. We have access to billions of pages of information on the internet and most of us do almost all of our research there. It is very simple to cut and paste information that we see there into our notes, and potentially accidentally copy this directly into our final copy.

Almost all schools and colleges today will utilize a copy content checker to find duplicate content submitted. So you must always ensure that you only submit work that is unique. The easiest way to do this is run your own similarity check on your writing. This is why so many will be seeking out the best copyright checker online.

How to Detect Plagiarism in Your Academic Paper: Practical Tips and Tricks

Many writers ask themselves “how do I identify a copyright?” Few will want to purposefully risk submitting plagiarized work. Therefore you need to know how to check your writing to see if you have accidentally copied something. The following are some simple ways of how to check copyright material within your work:

  • Read through your paper: as your tutors will tell you, you have a unique style of writing and they can often see very quickly if something has not been written by you. Often information that you have copied into your text meaning to rewrite later will stand out like a sore thumb. While this is often the least effective way to check your work, it can help you to avoid some potential causes of plagiarism.
  • Use a search engine: as most sources of plagiarism are online, you can discover if anything you have written has been copied simply by searching for it. If you enclose your sentence within quotation marks and search for it on Google or any other search engine you will soon discover if you have copied it. The problem with this method is that it often takes a long time to conduct your searches sentence by sentence.
  • Use an originality checker: this is often the best way to check your work as it will be able to check the entirety of your writing in one go. A good similarity detector will be able to check your whole paper against everything online. Many good tools such as ours will also be able to check originality of research paper writing against a large database of academic writing.
how to check my paper for originality

Steps to Pass a Similarity Check by Avoiding Plagiarism

The best method of submitting work that will be original is of course to ensure that you avoid any possibility of plagiarism in the first place. So how do you do that? The following are some simple tips to help you to avoid any copying within your papers:

  • Write originally: while this may sound obvious, it is always best to write what you personally think or have observed. A paper should not be a long list of quotations and other information that you have paraphrased. You should be presenting your own personal ideas and your research should be there only to support what you are writing.
  • Start your writing as early as you possibly can: the biggest reason for accidental plagiarism is rushing to complete work. Too often students leave their work until the last minute and do not have time to do the writing correctly or check it after.
  • Learn how to present quotations correctly: any direct quotations should always be enclosed within quotation marks to ensure that it is clear that you are using the original words of the source. This source must also be correctly cited according to the style used within your subject.
  • Do your citations as you write: don’t try to do your citations after the event. It is far too easy to forget one or lose information along the way. Ensure that you add your citations as you go to avoid anything slipping through and keep very careful notes of your research.
  • Paraphrase correctly: paraphrasing is not just the ability to change a few words for synonyms. You need to be able to repeat the meaning of what you have read in your own totally different words. This allows you to demonstrate your understanding while making the wording better fit the style and purpose of your own writing.
  • Always check your writing: a free copyright removal tool can quickly and easily give you peace of mind. Using a duplicate content checker on your work is a must if you want to avoid problems later.

Why Should You Use Our Plagiarism Rewriter?

How do I check my paper for originality? It takes only a few minutes to make use of our totally free essay copyright checker. Simply copy your text into our plagiarism corrector and it will run a full check of every part of your writing for plagiarism. Our free tool is able to check your writing against the millions of different pages that are on the internet as well as also comparing your text against a huge database of academic writings that most other online tools cannot access. This ensures that your writing will be totally unique.

In addition to its check for plagiarism the tool also checks your writing for hundreds of potential issues. It will check your spelling, punctuation and grammar to ensure that you have not made any mistakes. It will present you with fixes that can be implemented with a single click to correct anything that needs to be changed. Also, it will provide you with potential changes that may enhance your writing and improve your style.

Drop your writing into our originality checker and have your work fully reviewed to ensure that you submit high-quality unique writing every time!