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Why is Using a Similarity Checker So Important for Your Academic Writing?

While some students may deliberately plagiarize to hand in that paper at the last minute, most cases of plagiarism are in fact accidental. Plagiarism is copying what someone else has written or passing off their ideas as your own. Using a similarity checker on your writing is one method to ensure that this accidental copying does not slip through to your advisor.

Plagiarism can easily occur if you are in the habit of copying information into your writing as part of your note taking process. It can also occur if you fail to correctly cite your sources or enclose direct quotations within quotation marks. You can also do it unconsciously if you repeat something that you have recently read. The problem, however, is that your tutor will not know if the plagiarism is accidental or you are really trying to cheat!

Plagiarism is seen as highly dishonest within academic writing and the penalties are severe. If you are early on in your studies, you may be given a slap on the wrist and informed how poor the practice of copying other people’s work is. Later in your education you could easily find yourself being kicked off your course or even out of school or college totally. This of course could have a profound effect on your future.

It is therefore vital that you never deliberately plagiarize and should take every precaution open to you to ensure that you avoid any possibility of copying creeping into your writing.

Best Practices on How to Check Originality of Paper

Avoiding copyright infringement is very important no matter where you are within your education. You do not want to gain a reputation as a plagiarizer that may follow you throughout your academic career. So how do you go about checking if your paper is going to be considered unique?

Often the most common source of plagiarized text is something that you have copied in from a website you have been conducting your research on. So one easy way to see if a sentence is copied is to simply search for it using a search engine. Use Google or another and enclose the text that you wish to search within quotation marks. This will show you if there are any exact matches out there. This however can be a time consuming process if you have to check your paper line by line.

Another option is to use a duplicate content finder to check your writing. You can be sure that your school or college is using a similarity score for papers software. This is far more than a similarity scanner between two documents, it will check your writing against millions of pages on the internet and elsewhere in academic databases. Their duplicate text finder will be able to quickly highlight any text that is duplicated or similar to anything written before. So you should always use a plagiarism tester on your own writing before you submit it. This will avoid any issues when they check your work.

Top 5 Steps to Having a Plagiarism Free Paper: Avoiding Plagiarism Like a Pro

Of course, using a plagiarism remover will help to ensure that you don’t get yourself into trouble. But like any problems, you can always try to ensure that you avoid them in the first place. The following are some steps that you can take to ensure that you avoid the need to make many changes after you scan for plagiarism:

how to check originality of paper
  1. Start your work early: one of the most common causes of plagiarism is simply rushing your work. All too often students will leave work until the last minute. Not only does this create the temptation to plagiarize purposely, but it also leads to you making mistakes that you don’t have time to correct.
  2. Don’t copy and paste notes directly into your paper: we have all done this at some point! You see something highly relevant as you read through online and you copy and paste something directly into your writing, the intention being to reword it later. This is then forgotten and you have committed plagiarism. If you do have to do this, use a different color to show that you need to change it.
  3. Use quotations correctly: there is no problem with using a direct quotation of what someone has to say on your subject. However, it must be enclosed within quotation marks and you must correctly cite your source using the specific style for your paper.
  4. Paraphrase correctly: you cannot simply swap every other word for a synonym to make something unique. Paraphrasing done correctly underlines your understanding of the source material while writing it in your own unique language. To reword sentences to avoid plagiarism does not have to be difficult if you take time to practice the skill.
  5. Use a professional tool to check similarity on content: always check for copied text using software no matter how confident you are in your writing. Always better to be safe than sorry!

How Effective Are Plagiarism Fixer Tools?

Using an originality checker is always advised for your writing, especially on your most important works such as term papers and dissertations. However, do your homework on the tool that you decide to use. They are not all equal.

A good copyright identifier will be able to fully check your paper against not only all of the pages that are available online, but also against many academic papers that may not be accessible normally.

Why Choose Our Content Copyright Checker?

Our tool is far from a basic copy paste checker. Our plagiarism check will compare your text to more than 19 billion webpages as well as an extensive database of academic writing. This will ensure that any copied information will be highlighted no matter what the source.

In addition to checking your work for plagiarism, our free tool will also fully check your writing for spelling, grammatical and punctuation errors, and offer suggestions to enhance your writing. By using our specialist software you will be able to submit work of the highest standard that is totally original to you.

Use our professional similarity checker on all of your important papers to ensure that your work is fully original to you!