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Why Must You Avoid Plagiarism?

Many students and even professional writers make full use of our free online plagiarism checker to ensure that their writing is unique. The submission of writing that is copied, even if you have done so by accident, can have very serious repercussions.

It is far too easy to submit work that is similar to writing that has already been published, especially with access to large quantities of writing on the internet. Many will copy and paste their notes and forget to make changes or they simply will repeat what they have just read unconsciously. This can lead to charges of plagiarism which is why so many are looking for ways how to test for plagiarism.

Why Do You Need a Copyright Text Checker?

Whether you are a student or a professional writer you need to make full use of a plagiarism tester. The penalties for submitting writing that is copied can be very severe. The following are just some of the potential penalties that you could face.

As a student:

  • You may fail your paper or get a lower grade if your advisor feels that this is an isolated incident of copying or possibly accidental.
  • You could fail the entire class if it is felt that your copying is serious enough to warrant a high level of punishment.
  • You could be suspended or even expelled from your school or college if the offense is considered serious enough.
  • Your reputation could be seriously damaged, remember that your academic record could contain the details of your plagiarism.
  • Loss of funding or position: if you rely on funding for your studies then a charge of plagiarism could soon lose that funding as well as any current or future position related to your studies.

As a professional:

  • You could be sued for damages by the person you have plagiarized: you may have to pay not only damages but also legal costs.
  • Your personal reputation could be damaged: who would trust what you have written if you are a known plagiarizer?
  • You could lose your job: submitting work that is not your own could easily lead to you losing your job and income.

Famous People That Have Been Caught Plagiarizing

Schools and publishers today will routinely use a plagiarism scanner to ensure that work is unique to you. This has not always been the case, however. But even without today’s technology and the use of a website to check if you plagiarized there are many people that have been caught over the years for plagiarism.

  • Joe Bidden: despite having been caught plagiarizing and failing a law school class he has still gone on to be elected the president of the USA.
  • Melania Trump: her speech after President Trump’s inauguration has been highlighted as being highly similar to one given by Michelle Obama.
  • George Harrison: he was fined over half a million dollars as his hit “My Sweet Lord” was shown to have many similarities to the Chiffon’s “He’s so Fine”.
  • George Haley: he had to pay $650k to the author Harold Courlander as he had copied large portions of his book “Roots” from a book published some 10 years earlier.

How to Prevent Plagarism?

While using a plagiarism tester after the event can help you to ensure that you only submit original work, it is far better to ensure that you avoid plagiarism in the first place. The following plagiarism avoider techniques should be employed to ensure that you do not have copied work within your writing: 

how to prevent plagarism
  1. Start your work as early as possible: the most common reason for deliberate plagiarism and for failing to spot accidental copying is leaving work until the last minute. Always start your work when you get it so that you do not have to rush to complete it and make mistakes that could otherwise have been avoided.
  2. Avoid copying text into your paper to change later: it is very simple to paste information you have found during your research into your paper with the intention of rewriting it later. If you have to do this, ensure that you paste the information in a different color as a reminder that it must be reworded.
  3. Make use of quotations: there is nothing to stop you from using direct quotations as long as you enclose the information within quotation marks to show that you are quoting the information. However, you must cite the original author correctly to show where the information has come from.
  4. Learn to paraphrase correctly: paraphrasing is rewriting something into your own completely unique words. However, done poorly it can still be seen as plagiarism. You should also still cite the original source of the information even if you have rewritten it.

Use Our Duplicate Text Checker

Even if you have taken care with your writing, it is always best to use a copy checker on your work. It can take just a few minutes to “scan my document for copyright” and can prevent big problems later. However it is not enough to compare two papers for plagiarism, there will be many thousands if not millions of previous documents written around your subject area. This is why you need our plagarism finder to review your writing against all of the work available online and even other academic works.

If you want to de plagiarize my paper then our free tool is often the quickest and most effective method to use.

How Does Our Free Online Plagiarism Checker Work?

We provide you with a free grammar and plagiarism checker that is able to ensure that your writing will be unique and written to a high standard. Using our copy-paste detector online costs you nothing and will help you to ensure better results from your work. To scan my document for copyright simply:

how free online plagiarism checker works
  1. Paste your text for checking into the box provided on the copyright paper checker.
  2. Click “check” to begin the process and the software will quickly compare your writing against millions of other pieces of writing.
  3. Review the results: the tool will highlight any similarity with previous works allowing you to make changes or insert correct citations.

Run your writing through our free online plagiarism checker to ensure that you always submit work that is unique and perfectly written!