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Duplicate Content Checker Frequently Asked Questions

Plagiarism is material that has been copied from elsewhere and not attributed to the original author correctly. Something that a duplicate content checker will spot for you, preventing you from getting into serious problems. But what exactly is plagiarism all about? The following FAQ will help you to better understand:

Q: What are the most common types of plagiarism you should stay away from?

Plagiarism that a duplicate content tester will highlight can be broken down into four main types:

  • Accidental plagiarism: this is simply where we use language that is similar to something that we have recently read without intending to, or we fail to, or incorrectly cite the sources that we have used.
  • Self-plagiarism: reusing your own words from previous papers is also considered plagiarism and cannot be done without citations.
  • Direct plagiarism: this is the most recognized form, where you copy an entire piece of writing created by another and claim it as your own writing.
  • Mosaic plagiarism: this is where you copy information from multiple sources and put it together without the use of quotation marks and citations to highlight your sources.
types of plagiarism

Q: What are the punishments for plagiarism?

Plagiarism is seriously frowned upon in academia and can be considered a crime in professional writing. While accidental plagiarism may be forgiven initially, repeated offences and serious infringements may be treated severely. The following are just some indications of the results of plagiarism:

  • As a student:
    • You may need to rewrite your paper or get a failing grade
    • You may be removed from the class and fail the subject
    • You may be suspended or expelled from your school or college
    • Your student record may contain full details of your plagiarism that will follow you throughout your future.
  • As a professional:
    • You may be sued for damages for using their wording
    • You could lose your professional reputation
    • You could lose your job  

Q: How do I know if I am plagiarizing?

Few students plagiarize purposefully by copying an entire paper, something that most students will rarely get away with. Most plagiarism is accidental or down to poor citations. This can be hard to spot if you do not have time to carefully review your writing. Using a quality plagiarism changer to review and correct your work is usually the best way to run an originality test on your writing. 

Q: How are most students caught plagiarizing?

A: Due to the introduction of the internet and the ease with which students can copy information directly from there, most colleges and schools have started to use a plagiarism checker with originality report. There are several different packages to provide them with a duplicate content scanner, but each will be able to quickly show if a student’s paper or parts of it have been copied. Some schools check papers 100% while others will only audit depending on the importance of the work. Using a tool to remove plagiarism online free on your writing will ensure that you only submit work that is unique. 

Q: How can I use others’ work without committing plagiarism?

A: Within writing it is acceptable to use other people’s words and ideas as long as you do so correctly. Claiming the words and ideas as your own is plagiarism. Correctly quoting or paraphrasing the information and giving credit to the source is perfectly acceptable. You should: 

  • For direct quotations: enclose the words you have copied within quotation marks and cite the source correctly according to the style required of your subject area. This is perfectly acceptable, however, you should avoid using excessive quotations just to make up your word count.
  • For paraphrases: you must ensure that you put the original text within your own words without copying the original text. Specific words or phrases that are unique to the original should be still kept within quotation marks. Again, the information must be correctly attributed to the original author using the specific style of your paper.

How Can You Check the Originality of a Paper for Free?

Writers at any point in their career need to know how to check your paper for similarity. Automatic copyright detection can be performed by software that is freely available online. Our similarity test for paper content can be used quickly and easily and is able to provide you with original writing within just a few minutes without spending a penny.

It is able to detect copyright online by comparing your writing to the many billions of available pages that you will see on the internet. Additionally, the software will test originality of paper content against millions of other academic papers that are stored within its database. This allows you to remove plagiarism online free of charge so that you can submit work with confidence.

How Does Our Copyright Check Work?

Using our high-powered similarity checker is very simple and does not require any hard work on your part. It is free to use and all you need to do is to navigate to the page on which the tool is located and:

  1. Copy the text that you need to compare text similarity for into the place provided on the tool so that it can be checked.
  2. Check start and the tool will begin the process of checking the writing against billions of other texts online and its database of academic papers.
  3. Review the results: any similar or copied texts will be highlighted within your writing. This allows you to either rewrite it so that it is unique or to correctly cite your sources.
how duplicate content checker works

Once you have completed your test to detect document similarity you should rerun the test. This ensures that any changes that you have made have been done so correctly.

In addition to checking your pages for plagiarism the tool will also check your writing for a large number of other potential problems. It reviews your grammar and punctuation as well as your spelling. This will help you to ensure that you submit text that is not only original but well written. Many of the changes that you will need to make will be made with a single click of the mouse saving you a huge amount of time.

The tool also offers suggestions to improve your writing style and word choice. This can help you to boost your grades and to improve your writing skills.

Make full use of our duplicate content checker on every piece of writing that you need to submit to ensure that your work will always be plagiarism free!