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FAQ: All You Should Know About Plagiarism and How to Avoid It with Copyright Checker

Q: What does plagiarism look like? Why should you avoid plagiarism?

A: Plagiarism is when you use words or ideas that belong to another without attributing your source. Within academic writing, this could cause you to lose grades or even be removed from your classes in serious cases. Professionally you could destroy your reputation and lose your employment. You could even be liable to pay damages to the person whose work you have copied.

Q: Can you plagiarize something by accident?

A: Yes, it is all too easy to copy something into a piece of work as part of your notes and to fail to remove it or change its wording later. You can even unconsciously repeat something that you recently read when doing your research. Whether you intended to copy the work or not, it will still be viewed as plagiarism if someone discovers it using a copyright tester.

Q: What if you cite a source but did it incorrectly – is this plagiarism?

A: If you have made an honest attempt at citing your source then this would rarely be seen as serious plagiarism. However, for important work such as your thesis, or even important professional work it could lead to your writing being rejected in full. It is vital to use a copyright match tool to check for any copied material and to check your citations with care.

Q: I’m afraid that I may plagiarize without knowing it. What should I do? Are there any online helpers in this area?

A: It is very important to avoid any possibility of plagiarism within your writing. Happily, this is very easy to do with our copyright checker. Our professional automatic copyright detection tool can quickly analyze any form of writing and highlight any copied text. This allows you to either change the wording to make it unique or to properly attribute the work to its original author.

Our Online Plagiarism Detector Can Help You

A paper originality check is something that you simply must undertake if you are to avoid any possibility of plagiarism within your writing. Submitting work that contains copied material, even if unintentional, can have serious ramifications. But, how to find out if something is copyrighted?

This is where our similarity tester comes into play. Our plagiarism finder can quickly and accurately check your writing to discover if there is anything within it that could be seen as plagiarized. It checks against millions of potential sources of information and will highlight anything that is copied word for word from elsewhere or even if something is similar.

Our sentence changer to avoid plagiarism then allows you to make modifications to your work to avoid any possibility of copied writing slipping through. You can make changes to the wording used to ensure that it is unique, or you can properly cite the work as a quotation to attribute it correctly.

How Does Our Document Similarity Checker Work?

Our copy and paste detector is very simple and quick to use. It takes only a few minutes to check your writing to ensure that it is unique. To fully check your writing simply:

how copyright checker works
  1. Copy the text that you wish to check and paste it into the space provided on the tool. This can be anything from a line or two, through to a multiple-page document. 
  2. Click the button to start a full scan for plagiarism. The tool will quickly check your writing to see if there are any matches or similarities with the billions of documents that it has access to.
  3. Review the feedback provided by the tool. You can then modify your writing if similarities are highlighted or ensure that your citations are correct to cover the information that you are using within your writing.
  4. Retest: it is always good practice to recheck your writing if you have made any changes, no matter how minor they may have been.

What Can Our Copyright Match Tool Highlight in Your Writing?

This is not simply a free online plagiarism checker. This powerful tool will help you to ensure that your writing will be perfect as well as unique. Not only are you having our copyright checker checking for plagiarism it will also provide you with a full report that covers all of the following:

  • Spelling: the tool will review your pages for correct spelling and will highlight any issues including some commonly confused words such as desert and dessert.
  • Grammar: your writing will be checked against hundreds of different grammar rules and will highlight any areas in which you have failed to follow the correct grammatical rules.
  • Punctuation: from overuse of commas to misuse of semicolons and colons the check will help you to correct any issues with your punctuation.
  • Sentence structure: from run on sentences to poor subject verb agreement you will get all of the help you need to correct your writing.
what document similarity checker can revise and fix

In addition, the tool will also make suggestions to help you to enhance and improve your writing. It will offer changes to improve your word choices as well as changing your writing tone so that it is more appropriate.

Our anti plagiarism changer does not just show you where the issues are within your writing. It will give you a detailed explanation of why it has highlighted the problem. It will then provide you with clear instructions as to how you can fix the problems. Often these fixes can be implemented with a single click of your mouse.

Can You Trust the Results of Our Copyright Checking Tool?

This is one of the safest ways of how to avoid copyright infringement within your work as well as making some real improvements to your writing. However, many users are worried about using tools such as these for various reasons:

  • <The first issue is one of accuracy: with our tool your writing will be carefully compared to the billions of pages that exist on the web as well as against our huge database of academic papers. This is something that many simpler checkers are unable to do. Our tool will highlight any similarities as well as providing you with an overall score for originality.
  • Security of your writing: many are worried that their writing will become available to others once they have uploaded their text. Your documents are totally secure and will never be made available to others once you have used our service. They are not searchable, and no other tools or sites will have access to your writing for any reason.

Our tool conducts thousands of different tests on your writing and is constantly updated based on the feedback of our users to ensure its accuracy. You can be sure that our content unique checker will provide you with all the help that you need to improve your writing and to avoid any form of plagiarism.

Use our highly accurate copyright checker to fully check your writing and avoid even the slightest hint of plagiarism in your work!