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Use a Plagiarism Scanner to Make Your Writing Unique

Submitting writing that is copied can be seen as dishonest and cheating. Academic institutions can deal with cases of plagiarism severely and students can fail classes or even be removed entirely from their studies. Most will routinely use a plagiarism scanner to check the work of students to ensure that work submitted is wholly their own.

The problem for many students, however, is that it is all too easy to unintentionally submit work that may be similar to work that they have reviewed during their research. They may also have failed to correctly cite works that they have used. Because of this most students should use a copyright detector to ensure that their work is unique.

how to avoid plagiarism in academic writing

Essay Copyright Checker

As a student you will be asked to write essays on a very regular basis. However, with many demands on your time you may not always have the time you would like to be able to do your research and writing. This can lead to taking shortcuts and potential plagiarism creeping into your work, even if you do not intend it.

An essay similarity check can help you to ensure that what you submit is original, but you should also work hard to avoid any possibility of unoriginal content in the first place:

  • Start your work as early as possible: if you don’t have to rush then you are less likely to leave wording that the copy and paste essay checker will find.
  • Don’t copy and paste directly into your essay: it is too easy to forget to reword the text to make it unique. If you do need to paste your notes in, do so in a different color so that you will not forget.
  • If you do use direct quotations ensure that you enclose them within quotation marks to clearly show that it is a quotation and use a clear citation to attribute the source.

No matter how hard you try however, there is still always a chance that you may have unconsciously copied something. So always perform an essay originality check with our professional tool.

Article Originality Checker

Whether you are writing an article for a website or a physical publication you will want to ensure that it is produced in your own words. Copied material is not going to rank well online as the search engines will quickly recognize it for what it is. Plagiarized work is of course going to harm your personal reputation and could easily see you losing any respect in your field.

There is also the chance that you could be sued by those whose works you have used. This could get very expensive with legal costs and damages to be covered. So there really is a good reason to make use of an article copy checker on your work.

Often the causes of plagiarism within articles are due to the large amount of research required. Often you will be citing and using dozens of different sources of information. So, the opportunity to unconsciously copy something or to fail to cite information is so much higher. To avoid this:

  • Keep careful track of the sources that you use within your research.
  • Know precisely how to use citations within the correct style for your academic field.
  • Ensure that you do not repeat your own wording from previous articles in the same field.

When you have completed any piece of work it is always best practice to run it through our article copyright checker to make sure that it is totally unique before it is published.

How to Remove Plagiarism from Thesis

Your thesis is a vital piece of work and if it is rejected for plagiarism it could easily be the end of your degree. It is therefore very important that you take no risks at all and use a thesis plagiarism checker before you submit your work.

With potentially hundreds of pages of writing and research it is going to be hard to totally avoid any form of copying or getting your citations mixed up. It is especially important to know how to avoid plagiarism when writing literature review sections as you will be working with scores of quotations and other references. The following will help you to ensure that you avoid any issues:

  • Write your citations as you go: with so many sources to cite it is best to cover them as you go, rather than trying to go back through your work after you have finished to do them.
  • If you paraphrase a source ensure that you correctly reword the information so that it is unique. Remember also that you still have to cite your source even if you are repeating it in your own words.
  • Use the correct style of citations for your field.

Make full use of our easy to use copyright checker when you have finished your thesis to ensure that your writing is original and that you have cited all sources correctly.

How to Check Term Paper for Plagiarism

A term paper is usually a short research paper that will often be a significant part of your final grade for your course. So, submitting a paper that could contain plagiarism might cause you to fail your course totally. Using a research paper similarity checker will help you to make sure that your work will be unique when you submit it. However, it is far better to avoid any possibility of plagiarism while you do your actual writing:

  • Don’t leave your writing until the end of the term: it can be comforting to know that you have the whole term in which to complete the work, however, this soon goes and rushing your work is one of the biggest causes of accidental plagiarism.
  • Paraphrase correctly: do not simply change a few words for synonyms, take your time to understand the original and state it in your own unique words.
  • Know how to use quotations correctly: ensure that all direct quotations are enclosed within quotation marks and that you correctly cite them.

Never submit your paper without careful checking for plagiarism and other issues. It only takes a few minutes to use our tool and it can save you many problems later while boosting your grades.

How to Avoid Plagiarism in Your Coursework

You will need to submit essays and other papers on a regular basis throughout your academic career and you should always ensure that what you hand in is your own work. Being caught plagiarizing, even it you have done it accidentally, could see you penalized severely. So knowing how to check if your essay is plagiarized is vital to avoid any problems.

Of course prevention is always better than cure, so follow these tips to help prevent submitting work that may not be original:

  • Get to work as soon as your course work is set: the biggest problem with getting your work done is almost always leaving the work until the last possible minute. Give yourself time.
  • Take great care with your paraphrasing: there is nothing wrong with putting things in your own words, just ensure that they are your own and you are not simply swapping a few words here and there for synonyms.
  • After you have done your research ensure that all of your sources are correctly cites and that direct quotes are presented correctly within your text.

After you have completed any piece of work use our free case study plagiarism checker to make sure that your writing will be free of any possible copying.

Do not take risks with any of your academic or other writing tasks, make full use of our plagiarism scanner to ensure you always pass original well-written work!