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Why Is Originality Verification Important?

Plagiarism is the act of using ideas or words of others and passing them to your audience as your own. It is theft of intellectual property. Plagiarism may take different forms from accidentally copying material from a source to deliberate cheating. Every time you copy ideas from another source, you must acknowledge the source.

When writing any type of content whether a blog post, a term paper or a social media post, there is the likelihood that you will do your research to find out what others have said on the said topic. When transferring the researched content to your content, ensure that you do not paste their ideas blindly. Below are the reasons why:

Originality helps push new ideas

When writing, originality helps you bring forth new ideas or a new approach to a given topic that would otherwise be hidden in other people’s work.

Originality gives credit where it is due

Original work helps give credit to the right person. This is vital in the world of writing, as the original creator of the idea should get all the benefits that come from their ideas.

Original work shows understanding of the topic

Professors would like to know if you understood the topic. They want to see how you put different ideas into one. This can only be evident with writing an original piece and citing the sources where you got your material.

How to Identify Copyright: Guide to Preventing & Correcting Plagiarism

Here are practical steps for originality check for your paper.


Keep track of the sources you use

As you do your research and make notes, ensure that you record the source of information. You can do this by having a separate WordPad where you record the sources with a marker on the paper so that you know where to cite. Most writers commit plagiarism accidentally when they forget where the idea came from. These sources could be books, magazine articles, websites and videos.


Paraphrase and quote content

The easiest way to ensure that your work is original is to paraphrase the main point you picked from the external source. You can also condense the article and change the order of ideas in your work. Remember, even though the text may not be identical, plagiarism detection software can find similarities if too many similar phrases are used and the information is in the same order as the source. The copyright checker will still flag such content even if you quote the source.


Cite the original creator

This applies to all your academic writing as well as research and website content. Cite the author by including an in-text citation or add a footnote citation that identifies the year of publication, page number (for books) and name of the author. These citations must correspond to the reference that you make in your bibliography at the end of your paper. The popular citation styles include Chicago, MLA and APA. Here is an example of a citation:

J. C., Matt. (2020, June 5). Video Transcripts: Plagiarism Detection & Revision Skills: A Writing Process for Avoiding Plagiarism. Retrieved January 15, 2021, from


Use a copyright tester

A grammar and plagiarism checker can help identify parts of your content that have been copied from other sources. It checks each sentence against billions of websites on the internet and provides the link where the information matches. This way, you get to know which content is plagiarised and what to change to enhance originality in your work. Go through all underlined sections to make the required changes. Please do not submit any work before checking it for plagiarism. Fortunately, you can do this using a free online plagiarism remover.

Plagiarism Detector Features

Our copy right checker is a tool that helps you determine the content that was copied and the sources from which it was copied. This section provides guidelines on how to check if something is copyrighted and how to fix it with the copyright scanner.

Here are common features of our plagiarizing scanner:


Our tool provides an originality score against multiple search engines and billions of other sources around the world. It provides a detailed report so that you are able to make the right changes in your content. Unique work has a 100% score. You should make changes to the copied work to reach this score. The lower the score, the more the copied phrases.

Similarity checker

If you already have two documents, you can check if the content is similar with the tool. It has a feature to compare two documents for similarities, section by section. It is vital to check duplicate content, especially where you want to have more than one copy of the same content or rewrite the content you had made earlier.

Paraphrase score

Paraphrasing score shows the amount of content paraphrased from a source but still contains several phrases that the original author had used. A high paraphrasing score is an indication of plagiarism.

Grammar checker

In addition to checking your work for plagiarism, our duplicate content finder software also checks your work for grammar errors. Its in-built smart tool can detect verb errors, pronoun-antecedent errors, punctuation and spacing mistakes. All the grammar errors are underlined and an explanation given for each mistake. Besides, it provides a suggestion that you can use to correct the mistake. This means that you get a fully polished paper after running it on our tool.

Spelling checker 

It has an inbuilt language tool that picks the wrong spelling in your paper. It has the ability to read the context of your work and determine if you have used the right words. The essay copy checker allows you to change English dialects such as Australian, British, and the US English.

Plagiarism Scanner Main Characteristics

Here are other characteristics that make it the top choice for students and writers around the world:

It has top-notch security

Third parties do not view your work. This eliminates the risk that any one may try to present your work as their own. Besides, it does not store the work. Once you have fixed the content, you can just copy it onto your word processor, and no copies are left on your editor.

It is accurate

Copyright detection software is accurate in detecting instances of plagiarism and grammar errors. Therefore, once you have run your paper on the tool, you are sure that it will not be flagged by the search engine or your professor for plagiarism or get low scores for poor grammar.

Ease of use

Our text comparison tool is easy to use. It does not require any logins or downloads for it to work. Just paste your work on the editor, and let it do the rest. The tool is also fast and underlines all your errors while making suggestions, in a short while.

Real time feedback

The tool gives you real time feedback on the quality of your work as you write. Therefore, you are able to understand what is wrong with your  content and learn how to improve it in future. This feature is especially good for people who learn English as the second language.

How Do You Use the Plagiarism Detection Software?

When you paste the work onto its editor, the plagiarism detector runs in the background, comparing each bit of the content against websites and libraries. It indicates the source where it finds duplicate content. As for grammar checking, the tool picks errors by comparing passages against its inbuilt grammar rules and English dictionaries.

If you are asking, “How do I scan my paper for plagiarism?” Here are quick steps to use it:

  • Ensure that your device has an internet connection
  • Use your browser to visit the quote copyright checker website
  • Copy your work and paste it on the editor section of the tool. Alternatively, you may write your content on the editor.
  • Let the tool run and find copied content
  • Go through your work, making changes as directed by the tool.

What Does Make a Unique Content Checker Stand out from the Rest?

There are tens of copyright checkers on the internet. Most of these tools are free but some charge for the service. However, our copy and paste detector works better than any of these tools. Here are the reasons why it is so.

It is a comprehensive tool

It combines plagiarism checker with a proofreader. Therefore, writers and students do not need a different tool to proofread their work when they are done checking for originality. This helps save time, especially for urgent content and assignments that are already due.

Copyright detector is free to use

A good number of writers and students look for originality checking free tools only to be disappointed. However, our tool offers premium feature free without any limitations to the size of the paper. This makes it the ideal tool for everyone with money or not.

Plagiarism detector does not require any download

While downloadable tools may look appealing to some users, they have a disadvantage in that they can only be used in the device onto which they were installed. This is a great disadvantage to people who want to check their work for plagiarism on the go. Fortunately, our originality check tool is available online. You just need a browser and Connection to the internet to access it. Therefore, you can use it to check social media posts on your mobile device, your paper from a personal computer or on any available computer.

When you learn how to identify copyright and implement the steps on the check, it fixes all the plagiarism instances along with grammar errors. This leaves you with original work that is error-free and concise. You can rely on the tool to deliver high-quality work at any time.

Enhance the originality of your paper with our copy tester!